Running for ILSSA!


Hello SILSters!  If you’ve been directed here from voting, you’re in the right place!

I’ve decided to run for the position of President of the Information and Library Science Student Association. I’m a first-year MSLS student with all kinds of academic, professional, and extracurricular interests.

I’m interested in becoming ILSSA’s President for the 2012-2013 to promote continued growth of SILS’ presence both at UNC and in the Triangle’s community at large.

The ILSSA Presidency requires a great deal of time and loyalty, as well as exemplary leadership skills, which I have developed throughout my academic career.

My leadership experience in the past is extensive; I was a both Head Community Assistant within my undergraduate institution’s Office of Housing and Residence Life (2010-2011) and President of the Xi Xi chapter of Sigma Tau Delta (2011-2012) among a myriad of others.

I am excited and eager at the prospect of contributing to graduate leadership within the SILS community, so please consider selecting me for ILSSA President on your ballot!


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