Compromising on Storage Solutions


One of my final projects for my electronic records management course is an analysis of a number of tools that can be used in recordkeeping.  My group was assigned storage services, so we each decided to tackle a few tools before reconvening (because group papers are tough to coordinate!).

I analyzed three cloud-based storage services: Carbonite, iCloud, and Mozy’s Stash.  Each of the services has its virtues and its challenges, especially in light of best practices for recordkeeping.  I was struck by something, however: no matter what you choose, you must inevitably compromise when selecting a storage service.

Each of these tools is impressive in its own right.  Carbonite is outstanding in its ability to preserve sensitive information just in case, and it provides great options for recovery.  In contrast, iCloud focuses on mobilizing your media consumption and making it accessible on all of your devices.  Stash, an extension for Mozy, attempts to find middle ground, synchronizing and improving access with Stash, but providing recovery options with Mozy.  Each has facets that make me want to sign up as well as challenges that scare me away.

Realistically, however, with widespread support for going paperless, more cloud-based storage services will emerge.  The question I would posit, however, is how to assess your priorities and needs, and then, how to choose.


2 thoughts on “Compromising on Storage Solutions

    • Is the office going completely paperless in the long run? I know that a lot of times, people go a bit nuts at the idea of eliminating ALL paper, but the offsite storage idea is interesting, too. I think that long-term, storage along the lines of NC State’s Book Bot at Hunt Library will be great for those purposes.

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