Maymester Updates: the Cricket Symphony

During class this morning, I realized that I haven’t updated anything on here recently.  Why the cricket symphony?  One word for you: Maymester.

Adorable cricket from Morguefile

I’m currently enrolled in INLS 780, the research methods course here at SILS, which means three and a half hours of class every morning.  Not terrible, but with work at the EPA every day during the afternoons, ninety minutes of commute time, and my online management course, I’ve had limited time to post.

That said, it’s totally worth it. I’ve learned tons about research over the last two weeks, as well as business models and reference and a whole mess of other things:

1.  Refining/researching my master’s project: I’m currently working on a research proposal to create an addendum to the American Philatelic Research Library‘s Collection Development Policy.  The addendum will be a use policy for the APRL’s Special Collections.

2.  Collecting lists of things to read/follow up on/post about over on my Twitter Favorites list.  Also trying to find a better way to save those favorites on my BlackBerry.  Suggestions are welcome!

3.  Installing and learning to use statistics packages, namely JMP, produced by SAS.

4.  Getting organized for my Real World Job Search, which will begin on August 1 in preparation for graduation in December.  I’ve also been hoarding professional advice and lists of professional resources over on Pinterest.

5.  Reading voraciously with the help of bloggers like my classmate and soon-to-be-coworker, Alexandra.  Check out my Goodreads account if you’re interested in sharing recommendations!

6.  Simplifying my workload with my new pet tech tool, Todoist.  It has joined my bookmarks toolbar along with The Old Reader (which I am still absolutely bananas about!).

I’m hopeful that my life will slow down slightly after I finish my research course on May 31st.  After that, I’ll be juggling an exciting field experience along with my internship at the EPA and my management course.  Encouraging words are appreciated — I’m not the only one who has a crazy summer ahead of her!


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