What I Learned: How to Build a Computer

I’m currently rounding out my second week as a Help Desk Intern at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.  I’m pairing this internship with my work at the EPA to try to get more tech experience — and boy am I getting it!

Today’s Project

ImageGranted, I worked on other things today, and have worked on a number of other things since beginning my internship last Monday, but this is the most tangible.  NC Biotech has ordered components for computers and is building them on site.  Aside from being just plain cool, building a computer yourself takes less than an hour for a beginner and under fifteen minutes for a seasoned professional.  Added bonus?  It’s economical.  Companies like Newegg sell components for fair prices.

In addition to building computers, I’ll be spending my time at Biotech assigning Help Desk Tickets to technicians and shadowing those sessions.  I’m helping to reorganize and re-envision Biotech’s intranet How-To Page.  I’ll also be completing a research memo comparing client-based servers and virtual desktops, as Biotech considers each of these options in the coming months.

So why on Earth is a library student learning how to install solid state drives and CPUs, exactly?  Because aside from being a great line on your resume, it’s teaching me how all of the bits and pieces of equipment work together to create the information systems upon which I’m so reliant. And when I’m comparing those different systems, that might come in handy.

Most of all, though, if I can help out Biotech by pitching in, I certainly will, because they’re giving me a great deal of experience simply because I asked.


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