And so it begins (again)

Today is my last first day of school.  Possibly ever.


Who knows, though?  After I work for a few years, I may decide to pursue a PhD!  Anyway, I digress.

SILS classes started yesterday, but I am only enrolled in one real-face-to-face-meeting class this semester, and it’s today!  This promises to be an interesting semester, balancing this class, two online classes, and a master’s project along with my work at the EPA and Kaplan.

As far as updates go, I’m excited to say that I’m about a month into my new roles at the EPA-RTP Library: I’m serving as a Cataloging Intern and as the Office of Air Quality and Planning Standards Librarian.  I’m loving both posts right now, as cataloging is completely new to me, and I seem to have a knack for the document publication process that the OAQPS Librarian is responsible for.

As for Kaplan, I’ve taken on one class and one tutoring student to prepare for the October 5th SAT.

Finally, I’ve begun my job search!  I’m completing a targeted job search in Central Pennsylvania for a job to start some time after graduation in December.  So I suppose, if you, Internet Reader, know of anything to supplement my perusing of INALJ and the ALA JobsList, feel free to let me know via comment!

Speaking of busy, it’s time for my first class to begin.  Wish me luck!


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