Podcasts Worth Sharing

For the last year and a half, I have made at least monthly trips from Chapel Hill, North Carolina to Centre County, Pennsylvania.  It’s an eight-hour drive each way, and is unbelievably dull if you need mental entertainment like me.

This spring, following the advice of my friend and classmate Michelle Baxter, I decided to spice up my road trips by listening to podcasts.  After a fair amount of trial-and-error, I found a number of podcasts that I enjoy tremendously, and while they’re not as well-known as This American Life and Welcome to Nightvale, they’re definitely worth checking out.

Good Job, Brain!

Image c/o Geekbox
Image c/o Geekbox.net

If you are even remotely into trivia, Good Job, Brain! is a podcast that you should start listening to.  This weekly podcast will beef up your pub quiz knowledge and make you laugh out loud (in the car by yourself so you feel like a crazy person).  The GJB team is made up of four young professionals working in the gaming industry.  Each episode deals with a different topic — with a wide variety overall — so I would recommend starting by picking some episodes that are interesting to you and listening to them.  Once you fall in love with it, though, you should start from episode 1 and listen to how GJB evolves.  It’s amazing.

Stuff You Missed In History Class

Image c/o iTunes
Image c/o iTunes

HowStuffWorks.Com produces some of the Internet’s most popular  podcasts, but I most frequently listen to Stuff You Missed In History Class.  I download episodes from this podcast based on my interest in the topic of that week’s episode.  My personal favorite is called, “What is the highest-value art heist in history?”  As that title suggests, SYMIHC deals with offbeat historical narratives.  The podcast is hit-or-miss, but still worth perusing.

60 Minutes

Image c/o Podbean.com
Image c/o Podbean.com

I grew up watching 60 Minutes with my parents, but didn’t watch it at all after moving out of my childhood home.  Imagine my surprise when I downloaded a few episodes of the 60 Minutes podcast on a whim and loved it!  This podcast is just the audio track of 60 Minutes’ weekly episode, but it’s surprising how well this investigative editorial show lends itself to this platform.  In each episode, two or three reports are shared, and all of them are engrossing.

What podcasts did I miss?  I’m always on the hunt for recommendations!


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