New Year’s Eve Menu

Happy New Year’s Eve!  I hope that you have some fun plans for this evening, whether that means dancing your butt off with your friends, or curling up on your couch at home.

Photo c/o Harvest Solutions
Photo c/o Harvest Solutions

Tonight we’ll be hosting a small New Year’s Eve get-together with some of our friends, and I’m very excited about some of the things on our menu.

The star of this evening?  Creamy Manchego Fondue à la Peggy Fallon’s cookbook.  My boyfriend got me a fondue set for Christmas, and tonight is its debut!

Image c/o Cuisinart
Image c/o Cuisinart

We’ll accompany this with some light appetizers, including my Healthy (-ish) Deviled Eggs (recipe coming soon!) and an

adapted version of J. Van Lier’s Hot Bean Dip.

Photo c/o Suepoon
Photo c/o Suepoon


Finally, I’ll round out the menu with Judy‘s Bailey’s Irish Cream Cake.  Not only is it festive, it also allows me to feature yummy Irish cream liqueur, and to use my new bundt pan!

bundtI imagine that we’ll spend some time playing games — possibly Taboo — and most of the time catching up.  I love wrapping up each year with my friends and family!


What items are on your NYE menu?


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