Meatless Meal Planning

Happy Monday, everyone!  Each Monday, I try to plan out what my boyfriend and I are going to have for dinner for the week.  Since he’s a vegetarian, our dinners are almost always meat-free (I eat my meat at lunchtime), but also very healthy.

Usually, a few cooking sessions get us through an entire week!  Thus the benefits of cooking for two.  This week, my meatless meal planning was inspired by the five-pack of red peppers I got at the grocery store for $3.99.

This week’s meal plan:

Monday | Cardigan-Clad Culinary’s Stuffed Peppers


Check back tomorrow for the recipe 🙂

Tuesday and Wednesday | Layers of Happiness’ Easy Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili


I will make some adaptations to this recipe, mainly in using dried beans and swapping something else in for yellow squash, which I probably won’t be able to find at a reasonable price.  Chili makes the best leftovers!

Thursday | Greek Vegetarian’s Fire Roasted Pepper, Zucchini, Broccoli and Mixed Olive Frittata


Other than lightening it up, I plan to leave this recipe’s flavors largely the same.  Yum.

Friday | Skinny Mom’s Skinny Cheese Enchiladas


These look delicious.  I may add some mushrooms to the filling and make my own enchilada sauce.  Can’t wait!


Are you planning any meatless meals this week?  Please share your recipes!


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