Five on Friday

Happy Valentine’s Day!  This year, I’ve been more into celebrating Valentine’s Day than usual, because I’m so excited about our plans!  My boyfriend and I are going to stay in, drink wine, eat fondue, and watch World War Z and Jurassic Park. Unconventional?  Yes.  But, it’s also the perfect “night in.”

So, without further ado, here are five things I’m loving this week…with a bit of a Valentine-y tilt!


One |  I’m shocked that I have not yet written about my love for Songza, a web-based “music concierge.”  It’s similar to Pandora and Spotify, but it helps you select playlists based on what you’re doing and/or your mood.  I’m currently obsessed with the “Fancy China” station, which features jazz hits with a romantic edge.  It’s the perfect playlist to get you ready for your Valentine’s Eve!


Two |  It’s fondue night!  My boyfriend and I have been putting off fondue for a bit because of my diet, but my mother received a five-pound block of cheese for Christmas and shared half with me, so I have several pounds of cheddar at my disposal.  I’ll be making Cheddar Cheese Fondue from Peggy Fallon’s Great Party Fondues.  

Mom "Cutting the Cheese"
Mom “Cutting the Cheese”

Three | I’m treating my parents and coworkers to some Red Velvet Cool Whip Cookies in lieu of chocolate or candy hearts.  Following the suggestion of my friend Maci, I used Skinny Mom’s recipe for Strawberry Cool Whip Cookies and simply substituted in red velvet cake mix.  Can I just say, not only were these easy, but they taste divine and are still diet-friendly.  They almost didn’t make it onto the cookie sheet, the batter was so good!


Four |  While I’ll be giving a few traditional valentines today, my friends from high school, college, and grad school will all be receiving electronic valentines.  My personal favorite?  This Lisa Frank flashback valentine!


Five |  Due to large amounts of snow, yesterday was a self-imposed snow day for me.  It ended up being perfect, though, since I had time to get a lot of other things done.  Also, fuzzy pajama time!


Want to join in on Five on Friday?  Just write a post about five things you’re loving and/or want to share, slap the Five on Friday logo on the post, and link up on A.Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, The Good Life, or Hello Happiness.


3 thoughts on “Five on Friday

    • They were amazing! And so easy to make. I think they’d be perfect for any get-together. Plus, they’re calorie-conscious!

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