Protect and Organize Your Wardrobe in Four Steps

Protect and Organize Your Wardrobe in Four Steps

A few weeks ago, I shared my tips for how to store bags and purses so that they are easy to find, protected, and use minimal space.  Today, I’m going to share how I do this with my clothes.  My goal is not only to be able to find things, but also to take care of clothes so that they stay in great shape!

Protect and Organize Your Wardrobe in Four Steps

Step #1: Get your sweaters off of those hangers

Hanging sweaters and cardigans is terrible for the fabric, and it stretches out your shoulders.  If you don’t have space in your dresser and you don’t have infinite shelf storage, I recommend grabbing a hanging sweater organizer.  The foot of horizontal space you lose is nothing compared to the space bulky sweaters take up in your closet, and it makes it easy to see them all at once.  I organize mine by color and weight, and use the very bottom slot for my sewing kit.

Fold Your Sweaters | Protect and Organize Your Wardrobe in Four Steps

Step #2: Make room for what you love

Something no one tells you about finishing college and/or graduate school?  You have to overhaul your closet.  After I moved in with my boyfriend, I completed a Great Purge of clothing, getting rid of most of my show Bar-trotting tops, anything that wasn’t in peak condition, or anything that I just didn’t love.  It makes for a much leaner wardrobe, but I can honestly say that I love and wear everything in my closet.  Even if you’re skeptical about purging your closet, I highly recommend reading Ruth’s article about The 40 Hanger Closet and Becky’s list of tips for a Grown Up Closet.

Side note: yes, that is all of my in-season clothing.  Everything is visible!

Purge Your Closet | Protect and Organize Your Wardrobe in Four Steps

Step #3: Take it off the top

Below, you can see a picture of what the top of my closet looks like.  This space should be manageable — nothing too high for you to get to easily, and no crazy stacks.  My bag of bags lives there for easy access, as does a stack of sweatshirts and fleeces.  The paper box stores my out-of-season clothing (shorts, sweaters, etc).  I keep our mattress pad up there during the winter since we have a heated version to use during the cold months.  I wrapped it with a ribbon so that it looks a tiny bit nicer!

Organize Your Shelves | Protect and Organize Your Wardrobe in Four Steps

Tip #4: Wearable wall art

This project started out when I wanted something inexpensive to dress up my dorm room wall in college.  Now, I love seeing my scarf collection every day, and I definitely wear them more because of it.  Added bonus?  They’re protected from snags that result from baskets and splintery dresser drawers.  If you’re not into scarves, you could hang any number of other things — jewelry, belts, or purses.  Easy!

Hang Your Scarves | Protect and Organize Your Wardrobe in Four Steps

What tips do you have for organizing your wardrobe?


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8 thoughts on “Protect and Organize Your Wardrobe in Four Steps

  1. Thanks for stopping over yesterday! Your tips for earrings where great! I never thought of hydrocortisone!! That makes sense! I will def. be trying that once I can change these babies out!
    This was a great post. I have TERRIBLE organizational skills!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    • I think the hydrocortisone will help you tons 🙂 I used to have terrible organization skills, but sharing a closet has definitely helped!

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! I really like how you organize your scarves. We just moved so I’ve been attempting to organize and purge my closet. One thing I’ve done is either donate or sell any items that I haven’t worn in a year. More than likely I will not wear those clothes and someone else could benefit from them. So, that makes the purge feel good. 🙂

    Vee @ Honey Lemon Tea

    • I think purging items is great. I try to do the “flipped hanger” thing, and it’s helped me a lot. I would say I regularly wear most of my clothes at this point, and I also feel great about that 🙂

  3. Kudos for a very well organized closet! I love your tips and we do tips 1-3, now not sure if we can do Tip 4. I just did a recent blog post on how to organize necklaces by using an Ikea towel holder. It only cost me less than $15 and now they’re not a mess hanging on hooks.

    • I like the idea of using a towel holder for necklaces! I have mine hanging on posts on a bulletin board. I like vertical storage if you didn’t notice 🙂

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