Master Bedroom Reimagined

Since I moved in with my boyfriend L a few months ago, we’ve been talking about redoing the master bedroom.  What with all of the craziness of the holidays, job searching, working part time, and everything else, it was delayed, and we’re just now starting to talk about truly redoing the room.  I’m lucky because the room is a blank canvas: beige carpet, white walls, windows that have roller shades that we can replace with anything.  Both L and I love the windows, especially with the mountain view, and the dark hardwood trim and doors.

I’m also lucky, because L seems to be a fan of what I call “filtration”:  we talk about what we want, I propose a bunch of choices, and he tells me what he likes best.  That’s how we decided that the room is going to be a shade of light blue…but that’s as far as we’ve gotten.  Choosing bedding, light shades, window treatments, and a new fixture for our ceiling light on a budget has been a bit daunting, but I’m starting to narrow in on what I like, so soon I can present lots of options to L and we can get started!

So now, I’m sharing what I’ve got so far, and hoping for lots of advice from people with experience along the way.  If you’ve got any advice, please leave a comment.  I need help!

The paint color:


We picked out some nice white faux wood blinds to replace the heinous outdated roller shades.  My dilemma?  I have absolutely no idea if you’re supposed to pair these things with curtains.  I love the look of curtains anchoring the sides of blinds, but with the cornice for the blinds, I’m not sure what to do — will curtains look weird over these?

Home Deorators Collection
Home Decorators Collection.

I currently have a great silver lamp next to my side of the bed, but I would really love to get a set of matching lamps.  But, since lamps are expensive, I’m going to settle for a new shade for my lamp, and I’ll scour thrift shops and yard sales until I find something perfect for both sides of the bed.


We have an outdated glass cover for our ceiling light, and I’d like to replace it with something a bit more up-to-date.  My favorites?

1: Livex 2: Hampton Bay 3: World Imports
1: Livex. 2: Hampton Bay. 3: World Imports.

Bedding.  What a huge pain in the neck.  Between finding something that L doesn’t hate (“too flowery” is a repeat comment) and finding something 1) budget-effective and 2) made of 100% cotton, I’m struggling a lot.  Here are the top contenders:

1: City Scene.   2: Madison Park.   3: jcp home.
1: City Scene. 2: Madison Park. 3: jcp home.
4: Sari.   4: Threshold.   Fieldcrest.
4: Sari. 5: Threshold. 6: Fieldcrest.

To finish the room, I may DIY some things, but more likely, I’ll use some existing pieces that I own.  I’m planning to re-cover throw pillows if I don’t get any with the set that I buy.  More on that coming soon — I need to figure the rest out, first!

Do you have advice for me?  I sure could use it!  Please leave a comment below 🙂


2 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Reimagined

  1. I would definitely get curtains, since I love them too! Also, with fun curtains and lamps, maybe explore simpler bedding options that you can more easily agree on?

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