Mixing It Up on the Bottom

As a recent Master’s graduate, I find that I have a lot more trouble dressing myself than when I was in school.  My sparkly shirts, short skirts, and worn out clothes have been banished to the donation box (or the trash), but I’m not really in a place in my life to wear suits and slacks every day.  As a result, I’m trying to build an adult yet fun remixable wardrobe.

There is a great post by Audrey over at Putting Me Together about the concept of the remixable wardrobe, but the heart of it is that a remixable wardrobe consists of fewer pieces with the ability to be paired together, layered, and accessorized.  This is good for people like me who are overwhelmed by choices and who don’t have a ton of money to blow on clothing.  Audrey has a ton of great advice, but by far my favorite is her insistence that women should purchase a variety of bottoms in different colors.

Don’t believe me?  Check out this image she created when she guest-posted on Modern Parents Messy Kids:

Revolutionary, right?  Okay, maybe not revolutionary, but definitely evidence that a collection of options for your bottom half is worthwhile.  I’ve been putting this to work since graduation in December, and now I avoid buying bottoms that are the same color, and I’m not buying more jeans or slacks.  Why, you ask?  Truthfully, if I think about my go-to outfits, they’re the ones that don’t involve pants.  I prefer skirts, and I love all of the colors that I have at my disposal now.

My most recent acquisitions?  A teal midi skirt from Asos (different color here), and one black lace skirt and one white(ish) lace skirt, each from LOFT.  All on a phenomenal sale, all remixable, and all a size that I can continue to wear on my weight loss journey.  Check out my style guide board on Pinterest for more ideas!

How do you remix your wardrobe?



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