Five on Friday

It’s been yet another busy week, and we’re headed into a busy weekend yet again.  I’ll keep it short: here are my five!

One |  This week, I picked up these two skirts at LOFT.  I love them both because I can wear so many different tops with them.


Two | This is the week of birthdays: my friends Holly, Sara, and Emily, as well as my dad.  Sara and Emily live out-of-state, and we’re celebrating with my dad tonight.  Holly and I spent her birthday eating and shopping for her wedding dress.  Lots of fun!


Three | My friends Beth and Chris also finally had their baby shower this weekend!  It was a Jack-and-Jill, and it was nice to spend time with L and many other couples at the party.  True to form, we gave them each of our favorite books, and my mom sent something along as well!


Four | After her recent trip to visit our family in Virginia, my mom brought me a container of Panang Curry Paste.  It’s was under $4 for a giant container, and I’ve made curry twice already.  Holy yum.


Five | Speaking of food, L and I have been trying to eat mostly “clean” dinners.  I want to try to cut out as much processed stuff from our diets as I can.  So far, so good!

I post almost all of our dinners to my Instagram
I post almost all of our dinners to my Instagram

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