Monday Meal Planning

Over the weekend, L and I traveled to Southern Virginia to visit my grandmother.  It was a wonderful trip, but filled with lots of eating out and many beers.  Delicious, but not good for diets!  This week’s meal plan is a bit more simple, and focused on helping us detox and eat fabulous fresh food.


Burrito Bowls with Creamy Chipotle Sauce

Recipe from The Garden Grazer

The Garden Grazer

On our way back North yesterday, we stopped at Food Maxx and got a great deal on a five-pound bag of black beans.  I’ve got a bunch in my slow cooker now, and we’ll be eating them with rice, fresh vegetables and a delicious adobo sauce.


Frozen Pizza


Since I’ll be at work during the evening hours, I’ll probably just have a large lunch.  I decided to treat L to pizza for tomorrow night since he can control himself around a pizza (unlike me…).  Wegmans makes yummy pizzas, and this one is no exception.


Pasta with Creamy Vodka Sauce

6 Bittersweets

Recipe from 6 Bittersweets

I’ll be making dinner for my friends who have a new baby on Wednesday.  I was thinking something hot and fresh would be nice, and this recipe is a staple in my kitchen.  You see how decadent it looks?  Well, it’s actually a modified Cooking Light recipe! Yum!


Panang Curry


One of these days, I’ll post my panang curry recipe — once it’s absolutely perfect.  Until then, a picture of last week’s curry will have to suffice!


Vegetarian Pho

Oh My Veggies!

Recipe from Oh My Veggies!

We also picked up some rice vermicelli at Food Maxx for a great price, so I’m going to whip up this pho after I finish work Friday evening.

What’s on your plate this week?  Share in the comments!

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