Five on Friday

Somehow, it’s felt like Friday since Wednesday, so I’ve been anxious to craft this post all week!  We’re headed into a relatively mellow weekend following a few hectic weekends.  Here are my five!

One | Tomorrow, we’re going to celebrate a belated Father’s Day with my dad since we were out of town last weekend.  As a treat, I’m baking his favorite (and light!) carrot cake.  This Skinnytaste recipe is a winner and nothing about it tastes light.


Two | In sad news, my gorgeous red purse finally bit the dust.  In better news, I picked up a great crossbody bag at Kohls.  I love the flat style, but it’s definitely a change from my last bag!


Three |  This week, I finally got to meet my (honorary) nephew, William.  I went to visit William and his parents on Wednesday, and it was a delight to hold him and talk to him and feed him.  I already can’t wait for the exciting adventures I’ll have with him.


Four | I know I’ve said it before, but I think the great black shoe debacle has finally concluded.  After three different pairs of shoes which didn’t work for a variety of reasons, I found a winner at Payless of all places.  Now, if only I can stay happy with this pair…


Five | As I hinted in Monday’s post, I finalized my panang curry recipe finally!  I’ve replicated it a few times now and am reasonably happy with it, so hopefully that recipe can go up on Monday.  Keep an eye out!


Want to join in on Five on Friday? Just write a post about five things you’re loving and/or want to share, cross-link to the hosts, and link up on A.Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, The Good Life, or Hello Happiness.


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