Five on Friday

Happy Fourth of July! I hope you’re planning to spend a fun-filled day with your favorite people.  By the time this post goes up, L and I will be on a Fourth of July adventure!  I’m looking forward to being incommunicado for a few days.  Although, I’ll probably post to my Instagram, because I’m addicted to that website. For now, here are my five:

One | Earlier this week, I accomplished something tremendously exciting: I finished C25K Free!  The eight-week program is training for beginning runners and I finally finished!  Two months ago, running for two minutes was a major challenge.  On my last day of C25K, I ran for 30 minutes, and the next day, for 40.  I’m slow, but steady, and very excited.IMG_20140630_124304

Two | With all that running comes weight loss, so I picked up a couple of tanks, tees, and a new skirt this week.  Truthfully, I need new pants, but they’re way more expensive, so I’m going to wait until I absolutely can’t wear mine anymore to replace them.  The beauty of the pieces that I bought this week is 1) they’re smaller 2) they fit now 3) they’ll fit as I continue to drop weight.


Three | I finally cracked open some of my very favorite apple butter this week, too.  I’m eating it in very small doses because it is  It’s made by the Shawnee Springs Canning Company, and it is the only apple butter I deem worth eating.  It’s flavorful and thick, sweet without tasting sugary or artificial.  It’s the perfect accompaniment to biscuits, toast, cottage cheese, or just a spoon.  If you ever find yourself driving through Northern Virginia, it is definitely worth swinging by their market to pick some of this up.


Four | L and I spent part of Sunday at nearby Whipple Dam State Park swimming and barbecuing and trekking across the (muddy) nature trails.  I hadn’t been to Whipple Dam in years, but it is such a nice place to spend an afternoon.


Five | On a random note, last night’s dinner was an unexpected surprise.  Since we’re going on an adventure, we needed to eat up some things in the refrigerator.  I roasted a red pepper and tossed it with some homegrown basil, wheat pasta, ricotta, parmesan, a smidge of garlic, and a healthy dose of black pepper.  It was delicious!  I may have to recreate it to include on the blog!


The Five on Friday linkup is on a summer vacation, but I’m still posting.  If you’re posting too, feel free to comment so I can stop over to visit!


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