Oh Hey, Friday!

A few weeks ago, the Five on Friday linkup went on summer vacation.  Super bummer, right?  But then, last week, I was contacted by Karli Bell from September Farm about a new Friday linkup she’s hosting with Amy from The Farmer’s Wife each week called Oh Hey, Friday!  I didn’t make it last week, but this week, I’m 100% on board.


Last weekend we ran around all over the place visiting family and watching the World Cup Final, so this weekend, we’re hoping to get some things done at home.  Our friends are coming over on Saturday, and I want to get some serious work done in the garden on Sunday, so we’ll definitely stay busy.  That said, here are five things that I think are worth sharing this week.

One | Last week, I was mostly recovering from our amazing trip to Quebec.  We just went through the pictures on Wednesday night, but a post is forthcoming.  Can I just say how amazing the province of Quebec is?  It’s incredible how different the world can be across a border.  Here is just one of many pictures I’m planning to share next week:


Two | On our way back home, we stopped in Burlington, Vermont.  We had a great time in Burlington, but our dinner at American Flatbread Hearth deserves a spot all its own in this highlight reel.  Sure, the beer and red pepper bisque were good.  But honest to goodness, the flatbread pizza we had their changed my idea of what a white pizza could be.   It was their vegetarian special: wood-fired flatbread topped with locally grown scallions, rainbow chard, and zucchini, paired with dill compound butter and havarti cheese.  The compound butter is what make this thing amazing — why haven’t I been putting it on everything in my life?


Three | This week, I finished reading The Goldfinch.  At almost 750 pages, it’s a hefty novel.  It’s received a number of accolades, and it was definitely a page-turner.  That said, I haven’t 100% decided how I feel about the story.  If you’ve read the book, you know that the narrator is…complicated.  Thus, I’m holding off a few days, and I’ll post a review next week.  In the meantime, I’ll start Beautiful Ruins.


Four | I don’t usually point out a single meal in a Friday post, let alone two (see pizza above), but last night’s Fattoush Salad was fantastic.  I found the recipe on Oh My Veggies!, which is one of my absolute favorite blogs, and the best resource for vegetarian home cooking in my opinion.  I made a few changes — namely omitting the cucumbers and altering some ratios of vegetables — but man, this was delicious.  Definitely a keeper!


Five |  Last food picture, I promise.  This week, we got our first harvest from our garden!  Unfortunately, the lettuce wilted before we had time to eat it, but we’ll definitely have more cuttings as the season progresses.  As for the summer squash, I’m thinking a vegetable tartine is in order.



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