Oh Hey, Friday!

Just a quick post to share my five.  This is basically a food edition.  Everything has been so yummy lately.  Enjoy!

One | Last weekend, we sampled our first tomato from our garden.  It’s a Speckled Roman, and it’s bright red inside.  It’s sweet and the skin slides right off. Delicious.


Two | My new favorite snack? Peanut butter toast.  Not new, per se.  It’s an oldie but a goodie.  Also delicious.


Three | I’m trying to push myself out of my comfort zone with my outfits.  Some of my stuff is getting too big, so I tried tying up a shirt.  I kind of liked the way it worked out!


Four | Last night, I revisited a guilty pleasure of mine: Gossip Girl.  I love it.  It’s terrible.   I can’t look away.


Five | L unexpectedly opened a bottle of wine last night and it was delightful.  It’s a bottle of La Granja and it’s delicious!  It was a Trader Joe’s bottle, and definitely something you need to pick up during your next grocery run.


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