Oh Hey, Friday!

Happy August!  This summer is absolutely flying by — how is it possible that July is already gone?  We’re planning a fun-filled weekend with our friends, so let’s start it off right with my five.


One | This week, I started watching Arrow, a TV show that airs on the CW.  It’s on Netflix Instant, and I’m actually really enjoying it!  Think Batman meets Robin Hood.  Definitely one I’ll keep watching.


Two | With my recent weight loss, it was finally time to buy some new bras.  I’ve been reading a lot lately about proper fit, especially because most women are wearing an incorrect size.  My favorite resource is this article on Breakout Bras.  I ended up buying a new size and new silhouette this week, and I’ve already noticed that my back feels better and I look thinner.  Amazing what the right bra will do!


Three | Mid-week, I decided to visit my friend and my honorary nephew in Pittsburgh.  I had such a great time visiting him, and he turned 2 months old while I was there!  How cute is little William?


Four | While spending all that time in the car, I listened to one of my favorite podcasts, Stuff You Should Know.  SYSK has lots of great episodes about everything from fracking to the paleo diet.  My favorite episode this week was How the Deep Web Works.  As a wannabe librarian, I love any simple explanation of how much information is out there that isn’t searchable by big search engines like Google.  This particular episode covers that as well as going into deep vs. dark web, how it works, and why it matters.  If that topic even remotely interests you, I recommend giving it a listen.


Five | Last night, L and I joined the Junior Woman’s Club of State College at Wing Fest at Tussey Mountain.  Beer, snacks, and live music make for a good night!


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