Oh Hey, Friday!

We are somehow already through the first week of August — time is flying by!  L and I are going to spend this weekend with my family.  My aunt, uncle, and cousins are coming into town, so we’re going to do some kayaking tomorrow, then on Sunday we’re going to my dad’s to meet his new neighbors.  Should be a good weekend to reconnect with everyone!  After a couple of pretty crappy weeks, I’m looking forward to some happy time.


One | Last weekend, we hoped to go camping with our friends, but the weather didn’t cooperate.  We spent the day cooking out and walking around Black Moshannon State Park before coming back to our place and playing Bioviva.  This little-known ecological trivia game is so.much.fun!  L found it at Goodwill a few years ago for $1, and we’ve played it a handful of times.  If you ever see it for sale (especially for $1), I highly recommend picking it up!  Think earthy-crunchy-meet-Trivial Pursuit.

2014-08-02 17.54.31

Two | On Monday, I met with the rest of the board for the State College Junior Woman’s Club.  Since moving back to Centre County, I’ve been working on connecting with other people, and this has been a great way to do it.  I’ll be serving as the Social Chair for the next two years and I’m working on getting things started with a bang.  I’m so excited about all of the things that we have planned for the next few months — it should be fun!


Three | One of my best friends announced this week that she is engaged!  Congratulations, Melissa and Jesse! Melissa and I met while we were in college, and I am so happy for her and Jesse.  Added bonus: she asked me to be her bridesmaid!  I am so excited and am already going bananas pinning ideas for her bridal shower and bachelorette party.


Four | Yesterday I made one of my first big clothing purchases to suit my rapidly shrinking body: a denim coat from LOFT.  I snagged it for less than $32, and it’s something I can wear as I continue to slim down.  Maci sent me this article from Organize Yourself Skinny about shopping during your weight loss journey.  Such a good buying guide!


Five | I’m sure you’re sick of reading about my glorious garden, but I’m going to keep writing about it.  We had another bountiful week, and I celebrated by making a phenomenal gratin with romanesco zucchini and a side of tomato-onion-dill salad.  Gorgeous and delicious.

I am aware that this doesn't look particularly appetizing, but I promise, it was AWESOME.
I am aware that this doesn’t look particularly appetizing, but I promise, it was AWESOME.

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