10 Books I Carry With Me

I had planned a completely different post for today, but then I logged into Facebook this morning.  My Facebook friend Diane tagged me in a post in which she shared ten books that stayed with her, and she suggested I do the same.  I’m generally not a person who takes “challenges” and such (I’m more like Patrick Stewart in this regard), but this invitation is special for a few reasons: first, it’s about books.  Second, Diane is a friend and neighbor who worked in my middle school library and really saw me come into my own as a reader.  Third, this is a great way for me to share books simply, and to let people explore books that I find meaningful.


Rather than include explanations about my feelings about each book, I’m just going to link out to Goodreads.  Not all of these are books that I’ve given five-star ratings, but they are all books I carry with me, so to speak.

On a final note, I invite all of my readers to create their own list of 10 Books in a blog post, Facebook status, or a comment on this page.  It’s a great way to share ideas, and to share reading 🙂

Here they are, in no particular order:

Now it’s your turn.  Leave a comment, or link to your post!


4 thoughts on “10 Books I Carry With Me

  1. I didn’t know you liked The Things They Carried! Such a good book. Also, most of these are going on my “To Read” list!

    • Excellent! You should definitely consider sharing one as well. I’m looking to round out my reading list 🙂

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