Oh Hey, Friday!

This has been SUCH an exciting week.  New job, anniversary, and so much more.  Tonight, L and I are going to celebrate our anniversary properly with fondue and a movie, and I’m working Saturday and Sunday.  Life is good.


One | This week marked my third anniversary with L.  I shared a post with pictures of some of our adventures throughout the last three years — can’t wait to enjoy all of the ones to come!


Two | On Tuesday, I announced that I have a new job! I wrote a blog post about the position and my move away from LibraryLand.  I start mid-September and I am so.excited.


Three | My job offer came just in time for me to take advantage of Labor Day sales.  I stocked up on essentials like blazers and trousers.  Also, the amazing Liz Claiborne wrap dress pictured below.  I’ll be looking all kinds of professional.


Four | I ended up not working at LOFT Tuesday night, so L and I tried out trivia at Home D Pizzeria.  It’s a different style than we usually play, but we both had a lot of fun and ended up winning to boot!

Trivia Doodles
Trivia Doodles

Five | Yesterday, I decided to get lots of little things done including caramelizing four pounds of onions in my oven.  The whole process was easy and low-maintenance.  I’m planning to share my process in a future post.



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