Oh Hey, Friday!

Alright, y’all , I’m just going to be honest: this week has been an uphill battle.  I enjoyed a weekend full of fun things — fondue, Bioviva with friends, and then celebrating my friend Mariana’s birthday — and then a weekend full of work.  My first JWC event, work at the library Monday through today to help with the Open House, and picking up extra shifts at LOFT to help my friends meant that I haven’t been home almost at all.  My laundry is overflowing, my desk is cluttered, and I need some time to clean and decompress.  Here’s looking at you, Sunday.

This week is also my last week at LOFT and the library.  I’m going to miss them both — I’ve learned so much, and it’s strange to close that chapter of my life.  I’m looking forward to starting another one, though!


One | On Sunday, we celebrated Mariana’s birthday!  Yummy food, wine, and a chocolate mousse cake to die for.  Delicioso!


Two | After I vented my mascara woes in my About Me post, I received several recommendations.  I decided to try out Nyx Badunkadunk Mascara.  I love Nyx because they 1) are affordable and 2) don’t test on animals.  So far, I’m liking this mascara, but only time will tell.


Three | Last night, I tried Zumba for the first time.  What a workout!  I’m definitely a fan.


Four | This week was the Penn State Libraries Open House.  Tons of students learned about the libraries, and I spent a lot of time explaining group study rooms.  Even though I’m leaving the library, I still feel passionate about the services it provides.


Five | After 8 months, I placed my first loft.com order.  I wanted to grab a few things with my employee discount before I left.  Here’s hoping they fit perfectly!




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