Oh Hey, Friday!

Sorry about the lateness on this post.  This week has been absolutely crazy, what with starting my new job.  Every night, I’ve been really tired, so writing my Friday post was pushed off until right now.  This weekend, I’m going to go hiking with my friend Maci who’s visiting from Dallas, go to my Dad’s, and celebrate my Mom’s birthday.  Lots to love!


One | On Saturday night, L and I headed to Home D to watch PSU take on Rutgers.  While we were there, I tried Robin Hood Brewing Co.‘s Achoo Chili Pale Ale.  A little spicy with some hoppiness.  I didn’t know if I’d like an entire glass, but I did.  Yum!


Two | Sunday night, we curled up on our couch to watch Romania in the Euro Cup 2016 Qualifiers.   Naturally, they won (sorry, Greece).


Three | I mentioned that I started my new job this week.  I’m learning so much, and loving it.  I’m definitely busy, but I’m happy with things being that way.

new job

Four | Related to number 3 is this beautiful welcome to the job gift that I received.  A wonderful card, bamboo plant, and flower arrangement.  So unbelievably thoughtful.


Five | The background on my work computer now reminds me every day of our upcoming vacation.  It’s still a long way off, but I am excited!



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