Oh Hey, Friday!

Happy Friday!  It has been another busy, beautiful week, and this weekend promises to be much the same.  This weekend is Penn State’s Homecoming, which means football, parades, and other shenanigans.  I’m also going to a wedding showcase with my friend Holly on Sunday — she won a contest, so I get to watch her do a cake dive!  Otherwise, I’ll be working on cleaning house and getting ready for my first full week in my new job.


Let’s do this chronologically…

One | Saturday morning, my friend Maci and I hiked Mount Nittany.  I hadn’t hiked it since middle school, so it was nice to do it again.  We went out early, and it was cool and relatively deserted — usually it’s crowded with outdoorspeople!  It was a nice hike and a great chance to catch up while Maci was visiting from Dallas.


Two | We also ended up going to the Penn State Football Game versus UMass.  Maci had two extra tickets, so we got to enjoy UMass’ crushing defeat.  Go Nittany Lions!


Three | Sunday was my mom’s birthday!  I made her a peach pie and we went over to her house for a great dinner.  I always love going over the mountain to visit her — it’s very serene in Huntingdon.


Four | On Wednesday, Mom and I drove north to the Pennsylvania Wilds.  We meandered around Colton Point State Park, the Western Rim of Pine Creek Gorge, aka the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.  The leaves had just started to turn, and it was gorgeous.  Then, we made our way to Coudersport and Cherry Springs for the night.  Cherry Springs is one of the darkest places on the East Coast, so it’s a great place for stargazing.  More on that in a future post!


Five | While we were in Coudersport, we stayed at the Frosty Hollow Bed and Breakfast.  I cannot say enough nice things about this place.  The innkeepers were hospitable and friendly, our room was amazing, and the property is phenomenal.  If you’re ever looking for a good place in Northern Pennsylvania/Southern New York to stay, I highly recommend Frosty Hollow.  We will definitely be back!



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