The Friday Five

Has this week absolutely flown by, or is it just me?  I swear, I rolled out of bed on Monday morning, blinked, and it’s suddenly Friday!  L and I have an action-packed weekend ahead of us; we’re going to go see my aunt, uncle, cousins, and both sets of my grandparents.  I’m looking forward to seeing all of them, and to spending lots of quality roadtrip time with my man 🙂

Five on Friday / Oh Hey, Friday!
Five on Friday / Oh Hey, Friday!

One | Last Saturday, I spent the afternoon winterizing our garden, and we found some adorable baby butternut squash.  They didn’t mature, so now we have some decorative squash lying around.  I’ve decided to take them to work — they’ll look perfect adorning my desk!


Two | Saturday night we had Cirque du Soleil tickets, but couldn’t stay very long because of an upset stomach.  L got us a copy of Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away for us to watch together so that I could see what their productions are like.  I was so impressed!  The film felt like a blend of Fantasia and Across the Universe.  If you’re into those two movies and Cirque, definitely check it out.


Three | As a blonde, I have a hard time figuring out how to define my eyebrows without looking like a cartoon character.  This week, I picked up Revlon Brow Fantasy in dark blonde.  I’m really happy with the color, but I definitely need to work on my eyebrow technique.  Can anyone recommend a vlogger with easy guides?


Four | My dad was nice enough to pick us up a half gallon of Harner Farm Apple Cider.  I am not exaggerating when I say that this stuff is fall in a cup.  It’s the best cider I’ve had, and I love supporting the farm — it’s been around since before I was born!  They also have great prices on things like butternut squash.  If you’re in Centre County, make a trip over there.  You won’t regret it.


Five | After a year and a half, I finally got a haircut.  I went to Designer’s Denn in downtown State College and had a tremendously positive experience.  My stylist cut in round layers and got all the dead schmutz off of my head.  A little photo of me dashing through the rain will have to do for now, but trust me: my hair is great!20141015_183752


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