The Friday Five

Ay yie yie.  November.  I am so unbelievably busy, between faculty candidate visits at work to organizing two different (not personal) holiday parties to preparing for Elves’ Gift Shop in a few weeks.  This week has been busy, and the weekend looks to follow suit, with L and I volunteering on Saturday and bridesmaid dress shopping on Sunday.  Nonetheless. my life is full and happy — and I am thankful for it.

Five on Friday / Oh Hey, Friday!
Five on Friday / Oh Hey, Friday!

One | This week, I finger-knitted for the first time using a video I found online.  I loved the result, but it definitely was a challenge.  As an alternative, I might just pick up some wider-gauge needles at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

IMG_20141118_210050Two | I didn’t snap a picture of the end result, but this week, I made this Slow Cooker Quinoa White Chili with Roasted Poblanos.  I made a few key changes — adding corn, swapping in faro for quinoa, etc — but it is delicious.  This one is a keeper in my book.


Three | Speaking of food, I finally mastered scrambled eggs.  Yes, I know, this is not a huge achievement, but for me it is.  I always overcook or overmix my scrambled eggs.  With the help of my trusty Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook (yes, I used a cookbook to make scrambled eggs), I finally conquered this brunch staple.  Num.

eggsFour | Wednesday night, we went to Home D to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Robin Hood Brewing Company!  I had a Bracer Black Chipotle IPA while Liviu enjoyed an Olde Forest Ale.  I am definitely a fan of RHBC, and it’s so close to our house.

20141119_172445Five | I’m actually really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year.  Not only do I get two extra days off of work (woohoo!), but I get to spend time hanging out with people I care about.  I also get to make some of my favorite dishes for those people, and I love to cook.


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