The Friday Five

Happy belated Thanksgiving!  I hope that you had a wonderful day with your people of choice yesterday, and that your weekend promises to be full of rest and happiness.  L and I went to two Thanksgivings yesterday — one with my dad, and one with his family — and are headed over to my mom’s for another today.  Enjoy your weekend, I know I will!

Five on Friday / Oh Hey, Friday!
Five on Friday / Oh Hey, Friday!

One | A bit of amazing news I have to share is on behalf of my mom’s cousin, Mark.  Mark has retinitis pigmentosa, a type of degenerative blindness — he has been legally blind since childhood, and for the last five years, he sees light and shadow but no shapes.  Starting in October, Mark began to see shapes again.  As of last week, he can read 2″ letters and can almost see his wife’s face (whom he has never actually seen).  Natural regeneration of sight for people with RP is essentially unheard of — this is an unbelievable gift.  Mark is going to Johns Hopkins in December, but for now, our family is just enjoying the blessing bestowed upon him. carolandmark

Two | Last weekend, I went shopping for a bridesmaid dress and ended up buying the Short One Shoulder Corded Lace Dress at David’s Bridal.  My friend Melissa picked plum as the color for our dresses, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Purple is my favorite color.


Three | The Elves’ Gift Shop is a week from tomorrow, and I’m so excited about our new JWC tee shirtsCollegiate Pride donated a large portion of the printing costs, so the shirts ended up being less than $3 a person for gorgeous custom printing and a great pink color.  If I wasn’t already excited enough about Elves’, now I am…

20141121_112923Four | On Sunday, I whipped up a roasted tomato ragu that I’m hoping to share on the blog soon.  Things should be calming down enough at work for me to get back to posting regularly, but we shall see. *Knock on wood*


Five | Have you seen “All About That Baste?  If not, please stop what you’re doing and go watch it, because it is adorable.  The Holderness Family makes parodies, and this is my favorite yet.  I will be singing “skinny britches” from now on.


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