Favorite Holiday Recipes

How is December absolutely flying by?  It’s crazy!  Hanukkah began last night, Christmas Eve is a week away, and New Year’s Eve is the week after that!

This time of year is often one of eating and drinking — I’ve been doing pretty well maintaining my diet and keeping on top of portion control, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy cooking for others!  Below, I’ve shared a few of my favorite recipes for gatherings that work really well at the holidays.  Eat, drink, and be merry!

Hot Bean Dip

This dish is delicious, and I have seen groups of men demolish it at a frightening speed.  You can make it as spicy or as mild as you like, and it is a great alternative to the delicious but ubiquitous spinach dip.

Bailey’s Irish Cream Cake

This. Cake. Wow.  I get so many requests for this recipe when I make it — it’s decadent, but not chocolatey, and something about it just screams quintessential holiday recipe.  As an added bonus, it is embarrassingly easy to make, so whip it up for your next gathering!

Mediterranean Bean Salad

In the midst of lots of heavy, creamy holiday dishes, this bean salad is a fresh, bright accompaniment to add to your table.  It’s packed with Mediterranean flavor and protein-packed beans, so it will still hold up to traditional holiday fare.

Red Velvet Swirl Cheesecake Brownies

Back to decadent and delightful, we have this red velvet brownie recipe.  I’ve made it a few times, and it is really good — it takes a few different steps to make it, but the results are impressive.  It also adds a pop of holiday red to your table, which isn’t a bad thing, either!

Cranberry St. Germain Cocktail

When I lived in North Carolina, I developed a love for elderflower liqueurs like St. Germain. While I’m usually partial to a splash in a glass of prosecco, this cranberry cocktail screams Christmas and is more like a martini than what I’m used to.  This would be the perfect signature drink for your holiday party!


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