The Friday Five

Alright, Fridays are back!  I can’t believe I haven’t gotten back to Five on Friday since November, but such is life.  Here are my five for the last {three} weeks:

Five on Friday / Oh Hey, Friday!
Five on Friday / Oh Hey, Friday!


One | On Saturday, September 6th, the JWC threw its annual Elves’ Gift Shop.  Each year, this fundraiser collects on behalf of a nonprofit organization in the Centre Region.  This year was Housing Transitions, which runs our homeless shelter and provides housing assistance.  We weren’t as busy as in years past, but we still raised approximately $7,000 for Housing Transitions!


Two | L and I have also been fortunate enough to see two different concerts in the last few weeks. First, we saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra, which was fun, but not as traditional as I thought it would be.  Then we saw Tedeschi Trucks Band, which was nice to listen to, but not exactly a show I needed to be there to see.  All said, I’m glad we went to both.


Three | This week I ended up with an awful cold.  It came on suddenly, and is hopefully on its way out.  It was very intense, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.CaptureFour | My office got me a SmartSoap dispenser and I adore it. It’s fun and hands-free, and has yummy scents.  I find myself washing my hands after doing things like brushing my hair and putting on mascara.  Any excuse 🙂


Five | Speaking of gifts Christmas is less than a week away!  Other than some Santa shopping and cookie-making, I’m pretty much done.  I just have to wrap everything, and that’s going to be an extravaganza in and of itself.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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