Gift Guide: Last Minute Ideas

Just a few more days until Christmas!  Today marks the final installment of my 2014 Gift Guide Series.

We’re officially in Christmas crunch time.  If you haven’t figured out presents for someone yet, it’s time to get creative — and I’m here to help!  Here are some of my favorite picks for last minute gift ideas, all of which are budget-friendly!

Homemade Cookies

Who doesn’t love a tin full of yummy cookies?  My favorite to give away are Santa’s Whiskers — they’re cheery and yummy and they freeze well.  As an added bonus, they are budget-friendly, and buying the ingredients will get you enough to make a few batches of treats.

Personalized Coasters

I made personalized coasters (using this tutorial) a few years ago for several recipients, and they were a huge hit.  L got a set with some of his favorite beers’ logos on them (bonus points if you raid your recycling bin for these!) while my dad got football logos and another person got historic pictures of a town nearby.  These are simple, personal, and inexpensive.


I have reached the age where my friends have started having kids, and a few of them could use a night out to relax.  Enter babysitting.  You could go through a service, you could talk to your neighborhood teen, or you could offer up your own services.  Print out a great gift certificate and call it finished!

Date Night In

Another easy way to give the people you care about an experience rather than a thing, per se, is to make them up a basket (or colander) of ingredients for a meal.  L’s mother did this for him last Christmas, and it was great!  Pasta and sauce is an awesome option because it’s shelf stable, which is great around Christmastime when your refrigerator is packed full and you have leftovers for days.

Movie Tickets

You know what I do less and less?  Go to the movies.  At about $10 a ticket, an evening show isn’t unreasonably expensive, but for a twentysomething, it doesn’t always jive with my priorities — and I know I’m not the only one.  Movie ticket vouchers are great gifts for the people you love, and they will sincerely appreciate it!


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