The Friday Five

It’s Friday! We’re getting ready for an action-packed weekend of moving furniture around, spending time with L’s parents, and skiing. This week has been much the same – I feel like I haven’t had time to breathe or sleep or think. Here are my five:

Five on Friday / Oh Hey, Friday!
Five on Friday / Oh Hey, Friday!

One | Last weekend, we went over to Huntingdon to see my mom and tried out Boxers Cafe. They eat there all the time and I loved it! Boxers is a beer-only bar. It’s small inside, and they instantly know if you’re not from around there. Open up the menu and you’re delighted by a great assortment of sandwiches and bar food with low prices. They buy as much organic, local produce and goods as possible, and you can find everything from smoked salmon to a great vegetarian selection on their menu. I was impressed.

Two | Last weekend, we decided to move our office to another room, and I must be on a roll, because I spent evenings this week painting. After much debate, we decided on Toasted Wheat by Behr. I should also point out that Behr’s Zero VOC/Low Odor paint is totally worth the hype. The smell wasn’t bad at all!

Three | I’m really struggling to plan our upcoming vacation. It’s just become so difficult to try to imagine how my body is going to adjust to a significant time change and how to communicate. I also need to work on using my Rosetta Stone…sometime soon.

Not my kitchen

Four | Hopefully tonight I can work on organizing my kitchen cabinets and pantry. I found this great article over at Houzz about reimagining your kitchen. We’re not doing a renovation, but I would really like to change where things are located. My biggest complaint about my kitchen is also poor lighting, so I want to figure out how to deal with that, too.

Five |Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of instrumental music at work. I find it calming and it adds a lot to the work day. Here’s what I’ve been listening to this week – enjoy!



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