The Friday Five

Welp, it may be after seven o’clock at night, but at least I’m doing my Friday Five.  This week has been an uphill battle, and I am so ready to settle down with a beer and a bowl of quinoa (yes, that is my idea of an exciting Friday night).  Nonetheless, here are five things I think are worth sharing this week!

via Amazon
One | Last week I went to Ulta looking for a high-end hair product and ended up walking out with Curve It Curl Taming Cream. It was on clearance then 20% off, so I paid a whopping $2.00 for it! So far, it does a decent job of encouraging curl sans frizz and it’s not greasy or heavy. Just my luck, it will probably be discontinued (thus the clearance sale).
Two | This week I discovered #womenIRL.  It’s an Instagram account run by Real Simple that celebrates “Life’s real, unfiltered moments.”  Women In Real Life.  Yes, please.
via Goodreads
Three | Last week, The Mime Order was released, and I finished it on Wednesday.  I could have finished it much faster, but I tried to savor it, and it definitely didn’t disappoint.  Expect a review of this gem coming soon!
via Honest Slogans

Four | A few weeks ago, I started drinking 8 O’Clock Coffee.  How did I drink the cheap stuff for years?  I didn’t believe that there was truly such a thing as bad coffee until I started drinking to good stuff.  What have I been doing with my life? #NeverGoingBack

via Dansko

Five | Fairly certain that I’ve decided to get myself these Dansko Nanette Mary Janes for our upcoming vacation.  I love my Merrels, but I want something nice and comfortable to wear, also.  They’re expensive, but I can wear them to work, and I think shoes are worth paying for.


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