The Friday Five

It’s Spring Break around these parts, but as we’re going on vacation in a few weeks, I’ve been working all week.  It’s been quiet, so I’ve gotten a lot done, but darn, this week has been long.  Our weekend promises to be busy, but more on that on Monday.  For now, my five!

Five on Friday / Oh Hey, Friday!
Five on Friday / Oh Hey, Friday!

Above: Mom and her creation Below: My creation

One | Last Friday, Mom and I tried out Happy Valley Sip and Paint.  Run out of Contempo Studio in nearby Boalsburg, it’s a class where you drink wine, eat cheese, and learn to paint a picture.  After two hours of painting, I was relaxed, and pretty delighted with my painting!  I’m definitely interested in doing it again with a group for a party, as that brings the price down to $30.00 per person 🙂


Two| Over the weekend we went to om’s house for chili night, so I made a pan of Great Grandma’s Cornbread.  This time, I added cheddar — so good.  Eventually, I would love to get a 12″ cast iron skillet to make cornbread and frittatas in…for now, it’s just on my Amazon wish list!


Three | I took some time this week to try to clean out my coffee pot, but it was beyond saving (MOLD. GROSS.).  Fortunately, Mom gave me her French Press, and I don’t think I’ll go back to a standard coffee pot!  It takes a bit more effort in the morning, but the coffee tastes better, and it’s easier to make just enough for myself.


Four | I’m hoping to throw together these Corn and Black Bean Fajitas sometime this week.  I’ve been slacking on trying to make one Pinterest recipe a week, so I am going to put these together. I’m considering making them in the oven so I can cook them while I take my after-workout shower one night.

IMG_20150312_115117Five | Finally, can we just talk about the gorgeous spring weather we’ve had this week in Happy Valley?  Yes, it’s chilly out, but it’s sunny, and it’s not snowing.  I got through a whole week without wearing my snowboots, so I’m happy as can be.



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