The Friday Five (I’m Back!)

I’m back! Sorry for the unannounced one-month hiatus there, everyone. Apparently that is what happens when major events at work, two weeks of vacation, and packed social calendar collide. Nonetheless, I’m glad to be back and posting – hopefully on a semi-regular basis. For now, here are my five!

Five on Friday / Oh Hey, Friday!
Five on Friday / Oh Hey, Friday!

One | First and foremost, L and I went on our amazing Asian adventure. We spent a week in South Korea and a week in Japan. To say it was amazing is a phenomenal understatement. We haven’t had a chance to breathe lately, let alone get our pictures sorted through and posted, but hopefully that will happen sometime soon.

10421230_2905831052973_2212048471567925149_nTwo | While we were gone, I turned 25! Happy birthday to me!

Three | Remember how I mentioned our packed social calendar? The day after we got back, we got to spend time with L’s parents sharing our stories; last weekend, we went to happy hour with my office, hosted a progressive dinner, and celebrated my dad’s birthday. This weekend will follow suit: tonight, we’re going to see Garth Brooks, and tomorrow night, I’m hosting a bachelorette party for my friend Holly. Everything is busy and beautiful. It’s awesome.

Four | I snagged a few things during the 70% Off Flash Sale at on Monday. Today I’m sporting this great sweater, and I have received no fewer than four compliments on it.

Five | While sitting in some airport somewhere, I found this Enchilada Tofu Taco recipe from Veggie and the Beast. Definitely adding this to my dinner rotation pronto!


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