Five on Friday

Friday! This weekend promises to be productive. Tonight, L and I are planning to go through the second half of our pictures, then tomorrow I’m taking a watercolor class with my friend Mariana. We’re also hoping to do some serious work on our garden… Fingers crossed that the weather cooperates!

Five on Friday / Oh Hey, Friday!
Five on Friday / Oh Hey, Friday!

FB_IMG_1431557754415One | Thank you so much to everyone for your kind thoughts, messages, visits, and flowers after my post last week about my grandmother’s passing. My family has been surrounded by love, and I’m so grateful for that – it’s light in the midst of the darkness. The snapshot above is a photo of my grandparents from their 1957 formal at Concord University. They were so devoted to one another, even until the very end.

mobile-6397-1431265847-6IMG_20150510_172116Two | Last weekend, we celebrated Mother’s Day with both my mother and L’s. Visiting my mom was a bit subdued (her mother is the grandmother who passed), but it was nice to see her and spend time talking about Grandma, and talking about nothing. L’s mom was vibrant and kind as always, and insisted on making us some delicious naan pizzas with curry sauce after we took her for drinks.


Three | This week was tough, so I decided to treat myself to a new wallet. I have had a Longchamp wallet for 6 years and it has definitely worn out, so this was long overdue. I ended up buying this striped double-zip wallet with a wrist strap, and it combines all of the things I’ve been looking for in a wallet. Here’s hoping it fits in my weekend purse!


Four | This week I also got my first pedicure of the year! This summer is going to be full of pedicures given that I’m in a wedding and a mani-pedi is incorporated into a bachelorette party. I think once a month is plenty…my feet will be looking very nice come August! In case you’re wondering, my go-to polish color is “Chili” by Revlon. So fiery!

IMG_20150512_130422Five | This week, I finally got Plenty, another cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi, from the Penn State Library. It’s an entirely vegetarian cookbook, and I’m excited to try some of the dishes. They are largely influenced by Ottolenghi’s roots in Jerusalem, but also other regional cuisines as well as the culinary world in London where his restaurant is located. His take on vegetables is so inspiring.



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