Five on Friday

Friday. Thank goodness, I never thought it would come. Why are short weeks always the longest? This one was a doozy and I could use a glass of wine.


This weekend looks to be action-packed with garden planting, a bachelorette party for my friend Shea, and dinner with my dad before he goes on his annual camping trip.

IMG_20150523_100136 IMG_20150523_090422 IMG_20150522_133610One | Last weekend, we went to Virginia to help clean out my grandparents’ house, which was a somber experience. One highlight of in an otherwise sort of sad weekend was reconnecting with my friend Michelle. I am so lucky to have supportive friends, and we had the best time going to my favorite wine bar and hanging out with her dog. As an added bonus, Michelle and L are friends too, so it was a great time for all involved.

IMG_20150527_214931Two | Today I want to offer a huge shoutout to my beautiful, brilliant cousin Kelley. Kelley graduated from Millbrook High School in Winchester, Virginia on Wednesday, and in the fall she will attend a private university to study physical therapy on an academic scholarship. As if that wasn’t all enough, yesterday Kelley competed in Regionals for track and field and set a school record for discus throw! She’ll compete at States next week. I am so proud of this bright, beautiful, and talented young woman.


Three | I recently placed a huge order from Ulta which came in this week. I ordered a bunch of things, and one that I’m trying out is Enhanced Cream from Alpha Hydrox. It’s a firming anti-wrinkle lotion and is designed for sensitive skin, and I got it on sale for under $10.00. So far, I’ve had no issues with my ultra-sensitive skin, so hopefully it does what it’s supposed to!


Four | Last night I went to Tait Farm to buy seedlings. I got six types of tomato plant, herbs, potatoes, and seeds. I planted my herbs last night, and tonight we’re planning to plant the tomatoes and potatoes and hopefully some squash.

IMG_20150528_181950Five| While I was at Tait Farm, I picked up a pint of their organic strawberries that had been picked that morning. “Yum” is an understatement.

Five on Friday / Oh Hey, Friday!
Five on Friday / Oh Hey, Friday!

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