The Friday Five

Sunset from my back porch...
Sunset from my back porch…

Happy Friday!  This week has absolutely flown by. I have been (predictably) busy at work, and my evenings are full of errands, working out, doing research, and planning adventures.  Tomorrow I’m planning a day of shopping with my mom, and I. Cannot.  Wait. Hopefully on Sunday, L and I can hang out around the house and relax. This summer has been so busy that it’s tough to find time to just enjoy the long, sunny days.


And without further ado…

One | I spent about an hour on Sunday meal prepping and it has made such a difference.  I had breakfast, lunch, and snacks prepped for the entire week, and I caramelized an entire pan of onions while I was doing it.  It’s so much easier to maintain a healthy diet when I make the time to do this, so I’m committing at least an hour each Sunday to it.


Two | This week, I received my new Nook Glowlight and it’s awesome! It’s small, lightweight, and fast (no, I’m not sponsored by Barnes & Noble).  I had a first generation Nook that was really showing its wear, so I bought this.  I suggested sending it to the recycling center, but L kidnapped it and has his own Nook now.  I also snapped up one of these covers for it in light blue.  It’s pretty and will protect my Nook from the inside of my purse!


Three |  Speaking of books, can I just say that I really appreciate the Lonely Planet series?  L and I are getting ready for our next trip, and I picked up one of these books to help with planning.  There are some destinations that Lonely Planet isn’t great for (like Costa Rica), but for cities, especially in Europe and Asia, they are a treasure trove of knowledge. They have so much information about options at different price points, and their recommendations are spot-on.


Four | And when I travel, I like to speak like a local. Or try to, at least. I’ve been using Memrise for about a week and a half now, and I’m really picking things up.  I decided to spring for a one-month trial for $5.00, and I’ve been using it for 20-30 minutes each day.  I think it’s a solid option for basic niceties when you’re traveling.


Five | My friend Maci referred me to thredUP this week.  It’s an online store where you can buy and sell clothing, and so far, it looks promising.  There are a lot of clothes in my closet that are simply too big for me now (YAY!), so I am going to try using their sell service.  Read more about the company and how it works here.


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