The Friday Five


Good morning and happy Friday! This has been a short week for me but has still felt so long. This weekend, I’ll be catching up around the house since we were gone on vacation {more on that later}. Tomorrow, I’ll be modeling in the C.J. Banks/Christopher & Banks fashion show at our local mall…what an exciting life I lead.


One | The week before Labor Day, L and I traveled to Romania and we got back around 4:00 AM on Tuesday of this week. It was an absolutely amazing trip. I met L’s extended family, went to my first professional futbol game, and spent a few days backpacking around Transylvania. Eventually I’ll do a full recap of the trip, but you can enjoy some of my photos on Instagram by searching #RobbinDoesRomania.


Two | I’m currently catching up on reading the blogs I follow, and I am feeling inspired to try making poached eggs after reading my friend Kelsey’s post over on Appeasing a Food Geek. Also, isn’t her photography gorgeous?


Three | Fact: I like a lot of culturally subverted typically feminine things. Pumpkin spice. Blanket scarves. Cocktails on the beach. Thus, regardless of my depth, other people would call me a “basic bitch.” I hate that, and I love this article about why we should drop that phrase.


Four | For the fashion show this weekend, I got to pick out an outfit. One item I loved but couldn’t find in my new size is this colorblock tunic. Since I’m modeling, I would have gotten 40% off of it… guess I’ll just have to keep an eye on it to see if it goes on clearance.


Five | Yesterday, I bought a new fall wreath at Joann Fabric for 50% off. I love it and think it looks great on our front door. Still not sure if L is sold on it, though, so the tag is staying on and the receipt is in my purse…


Five on Friday / Oh Hey, Friday!
Five on Friday / Oh Hey, Friday!

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