The Friday Five

It’s Friday! Does it seem to anyone else that this week just wouldn’t end? At work, I’m working my way through old projects waiting for some new projects to pick up speed. I know once they pick up, things will get crazy busy and the days will fly by, but for now, I have to be patient.


This weekend, L and I are working on some projects around the house in addition to catching the Penn State v. Army game tomorrow. I’m also hoping to get some decorations finished for my friend’s baby shower later this month. I’ll basically need a weekend to recover from my weekend when all is said and done!

One | Last Sunday, we went to see Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood at the Bryce Jordan Center. I loved Whose Line Is It Anyway? growing up, and the show did not disappoint! The whole thing was interactive and much funnier than I thought it would be. If they’re coming to your city, consider going!

Time for apple pie! Love that pie bird. #homemade #yum

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Two| Over the weekend, I made an apple pie for my mom’s birthday using a pie bird. Have you used one of these before? They’re fantastic! It vented my pie, so the crust stayed crispy, the filling was firm and not sloppy, and it was adorable. I’ll be using this guy any time I have a double-crust pie from now on. Mine was a gift, but you can find them on Amazon for under $10.00.


Three | After making some butternut squash soup, we discovered that my Crockpot had cracked! It’s also a nonstandard size so I couldn’t find a new insert anywhere. I use my slow cooker all the time, so not replacing it was not an option. I ordered this Cook and Carry Oval Slow Cooker, which is slightly bigger and gives us the option of easily transporting it to parties.


Four | Yesterday, my friend Beth sent me this article called “When Close Friends Live Far Away (A Request)” and I teared up reading it. Beth, along with some of my other good friends, are littered across the country. Most of us make time to see eachother, for others, it’s not an option. The article reminded me of all of the days in high school, college, and grad school, when we would while away hours doing absolutely nothing of importance. Those are the hours that matter.


Five | On a slightly more cheery note, this week, I found the Bond, James Bond playlist on Spotify. It’s a compilation of the title songs from 007 movies throughout the franchise’s history, and it’s a great list. Now I want to have a Bond-a-Thon this weekend!



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