The Friday Five

Happy Friday, everyone! The only way I can describe this week is weird. Just, weird. I feel like I’ve been waiting all week for things to get “back to normal,” but it just hasn’t yet.

In better news, Michelle is visiting from North Carolina this weekend! Hopefully she’ll be on the road soon. We have lots of ideas for what we’ll do this weekend, so we’ll see what actually happens, or if we just end up hanging out in our jammies with glasses of wine! J

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


One | I’ve written about The Skimm before – it’s a morning newsletter that I learned about from another blogger (Katie Elizabeth, I think it was you!) that breaks everything down into palatable, early-morning sized portions. Before we watched the Debate earlier this week, I Skimmed their Election Guide, which is just great. They’ve contacted every official candidate on both sides of the race with the chance to Guest Skimm and share their views. Read them here.


Two | Monday was L’s birthday, so I made him poutine for dinner! Since he’s a vegetarian, “normal” gravy wouldn’t cut it, so I made Onion Gravy using Kitchen Treaty’s recipe. It was absolutely fantastic, and I’m planning to make it for Thanksgiving now.


Three Speaking of recipes, I’ve been looking for a new content management tool for my recipes. Enter Pepperplate. Pepperplate is a combination web/mobile application that is designed specifically for managing recipes. You can import from the web or type them in manually. So far, it’s really great, and the only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t automatically pull in photos if you import a recipe from a link. Other than that, though, it’s awesome!


Four | While I was at Trader Joe’s shopping for Michelle’s visit, I picked up a bag of Ghost Pepper Potato Chips. I can’t do super spicy, and these have a pleasant spicy note and an almost barbecue chip taste. They’re definitely indulgent, but they’re delicious, and at $2.29, you really can’t afford to not try them!

Five | This morning I looked up my new favorite country song, “Stay a Little Longer” by Brothers Osborne and I found this great Rolling Stone article by Andrew Leahey. For people who are ready for something new in country music (like me), they’re a breath of fresh air.


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