Five on Friday


Six and a half weeks! That’s how long it’s been since my last post, and I had no idea that I’d be MIA for that long, but I am glad to be back just in time for the holidays. I may not have been writing, but I’ve been keeping up with my reading – several novels, and keeping up with my favorite bloggers, Fran, Katie, and Sara.

Now that things have calmed down a tiiiiny bit, it seemed like a good time to post five things that have been on my mind lately.

Elves' - Copy

One | If I had to identify one thing that had taken up a lot of my time lately, it would be the annual Elves’ Gift Shop fundraiser that the Junior Woman’s Club of State College put on this past Saturday. It’s a huge fundraiser and goes to a great cause, but there is so much work in preparation for the event. I’m both happy it happened and relieve it’s over for the year.


Two | I have really enjoyed getting our house ready for Christmas this year with L. We bought ourselves a beautiful new artificial tree together, and we’re really enjoying – it’s our tree, which we both picked, and means something to both of us.


Three | We’re in the middle of planning a fabulous vacation! More details to come, but let’s say I am definitely looking forward to warmer climes.


Four | L and I also just finished a DietBet! We did it to stay accountable over Thanksgiving, and both succeeded, and won over $50. Such a positive way to start a really food-centric holiday season. It’s easier to keep my diet in check when I’ve started off on the right foot 🙂


Five | Add together weight loss and vacation and….I need new clothes. I have been selling things through ThredUp, but I think I’m going to take advantage of those after-Christmas sales to try to pick up some things that I can remix into both my casual and work wardrobes (I’m looking at you, cropped chino pants!).


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