The Friday Five

Happy Friday! We’ve officially made it to the end of the first full week of the year. Whew. Wasn’t sure I was going to get through.

My 2016 Resolution, c/o Real Simple

This weekend promises to be a fun one: tomorrow, we’ll go to our friends’ housewarming party, and watch the Steelers in the NFL Playoffs. I also want to spend the weekend getting our house in order — cleaning, organizing, and packing away Christmas. I’m glad we don’t have anything else scheduled, because I’m feeling  like getting.stuff.done.

All that to say, I’m so grateful that it’s Friday. I might even celebrate with a glass of wine tonight.

And with that, my five things to share this week:


One | My week started off on such a great note when I got to meet my friend Marissa’ baby, Isaac, who finally arrived (10 days late).  It was so wonderful to meet the little boy we’ve all been eagerly awaiting since we found out she was expecting in June. No pictures of this one, but you can check out some of the onesies we made at her shower!

Amuse Your Bouche

Two | I’ve been working on trying to recalibrate after the holidays, so I’m excited to make Marinated Roasted Cauliflower with Herby Yogurt Sauce from Amuse Your Bouche tonight.  I’ve decided to make one major change, though — I really don’t care for parsley, and L really loves dill, so I’m going to swap that in as the herb of choice. Dill + anything = delicious. Right?


Three | Let’s talk about socks, guys. Yes, socks. I just got a pair of Wrightsock Escape Crew Socks from Amazon (yes, I got men’s — I have big feet, okay) and they are spectacular. Double-layered. No sweating. No friction. I wore them all day in a pair of riding boots, wore them to work out for an hour on the elliptical, and they were still dry and were providing support to my feet. I bought these for our next adventure, but I’m thinking I  might have to get a few more pairs to throw into the rotation. Life is too short for bad socks, right?


Four | This week, I started watching Making a Murderer on Netflix. I loved Serial, so I’m not surprised that this has me hooked. That said, I’m only through episode two, and the case has exploded all over the news.  I’m trying to avoid reading anything about the case, because I really want to enjoy the show and see where it takes me, but it’s so difficult to avoid something so pervasive. No spoilers, people!

JC Penney
JC Penney

Five | After my post in December about needing new clothes, my Aunt and Uncle generously gave me a gift of money to spend on clothes that fit my body since I’ve lost so much weight — thanks again, Evan and Tina! I’ve used some of it to buy things I really needed, like new trousers for work.  I’ve also used some of it to buy some more “cute” stuff that fits, like this Worthington Knot-Front Tank Top in a gorgeous floral pattern.  Even though I’m fitting into non-plus sized clothes, I’m still not 100% comfortable shopping in the “straight sized” departments, so online shopping is great for me right now. Also worth noting that I snagged this beautiful blue bathing suit. Thank you, online shopping!

Random note: can we talk about how great Amazon’s customer service is? I pulled up that bathing suit to link it, and saw that the price had dropped $8.61 since I bought it a week ago. Apparently they have a 7 day price adjustment policy, so I sent them a customer service chat and they refunded me the money, no questions asked. That is quality customer service.



4 thoughts on “The Friday Five

  1. woo congrats girl! i just posted too about the documentary series and im hooked! Glad I was able to come across your blog in the linkup! Hope youll stop by mine as well. Can’t wait to continue your blogging journey with you!

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