The Friday Five

IT’S FRIDAY! I have been counting down the days until today since Monday. What with Juniors, work, and trying to get back on track with cleaning/cooking/working out, I’ve been unbelievably stressed out all week long. I’m hoping that I can spend this weekend catching up and recharging. I hope that your weekend is restful and fun!


Next up, five things I want to share this week:


One | On Sunday, we drove to Harrisburg with our friends Drew and Sarah to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the Whitaker Center in their fantastic cinema. The movie wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but it didn’t disappoint. My only complaint is that BB-8 sounds like WALL-E. Not okay with that crossover, Disney.


Two | In my effort to buy clothing that fits, I snagged this printed tank from Old Navy last week on super sale. Yesterday, I wore it to work, and I love it. It’s great for layering under a cardigan, tucking into a skirt, or wearing with jeans. It’s even cheaper now than when I bought it! Make sure you snag it while it’s still available.


Three | As I’ve mentioned before, I aim to try one new recipe a week, and on Sunday, I am going to make Skinnytaste’s Breakfast Burrito Bowl with Spiced Butternut Squash to take to work next week. I’m hopeful that I can prep everything and just take a bowl to work each morning. Bonus: way less sodium than the delicious Starbucks Spinach-Feta Egg White Wraps I’ve been ordering…

The Modern Mrs. Darcy

Four | I’m trying to start to make some headway on my 2016 Reading Challenge, but I’m really struggling with what to pick up next. I was thinking of starting on “Book chosen for you by your [partner]”… L is an experienced science fiction and fantasy reader, and he’s recommended both Mistborn and Dune to me. I have both on my Nook, and may start one of those next.


Five | While I’m not usually an avid football fan, I am hoping to watch the Steelers take on the Broncos this weekend in NLF Playoffs. We watched the game last weekend with some friends at Home D, but this time we’ll probably stay home. Much better, because then I can cheer them on in my Pjs 🙂


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