The Friday Five

Happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a fantastic week. Mine has been long, but we have a fun weekend planned. I hope you do, too!

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And my five:

One | Last night, I watched my mom and her partner’s dog, Callie. She is such a ham for attention, but seems to hate having her picture taken. L and I aren’t getting a pet (at least any time soon), so it’s nice to get my fix with Callie. Such a sweetie.

Two |This week’s new recipe was Cheesy Butternut Squash Pasta, and I’ve gotta tell you…it was terrible. Super sweet. Too much sauce for the amount of pasta it called for. Total bust. I ended up washing the sauce off, throwing some parmesan and pepper on it, and calling it a day. Next week, I’m going to try something a little bit more “familiar”…maybe Mediterranean Quinoa Bowls?

Three | When L upgraded my desktop to Windows 10, he encouraged me to start using OneDrive, the Microsoft cloud service, and I am really liking it. We’ve used it to plan our recent trip to Peru and Chile, and now we’re using it to keep track of information for our wedding planning. It’s so nice to always have access to budgets, quotes, and vendor information, and we can easily look at it at the same time from different locations.

Four | I needed to find a new show to watch on the elliptical, so I turned to Netflix and re-found Gilmore Girls. I didn’t watch GG when it was airing, but I’ve seen the occasional episode. I’m planning to work my way through the series along with new episodes of Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. I had forgotten how witty GG can be, and I’m really enjoying watching it again.

Five | My black riding boots have gotten really big on me as I’ve lost weight, so I’m trying to watch end-of-season sales to find a new pair. My feet and calves have gotten smaller, so I’m not looking for a wide calf, per se, but something that still fits thicker calves. These Cole Haan boots might do the trick, and they’re on major sale right now… (And went out of stock in the time it took me to write this blurb. Darn!)


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