The Friday Five

Good morning and Happy Friday! It’s been a very productive week around here, Spring Break = minimal distractions at work. In the evenings, L and I have been able to pack in time with friends, cleaning, and quality time to together.  It’s also been amazingly nice out, so we got to grill and eat in our sunroom. It’s been wonderful.

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This weekend should be really fun; we’re checking out a few wedding venues tomorrow, then we might swing by and see my dad for a bit before we head to L’s parents’ house for dinner.  I’m hoping to spend Sunday sleeping meal planning and getting ready for another great week.


One | I’ve done it, guys. I finally figured out poached eggs using Kelsey’s tutorial over at Appeasing a Food Geek.  It was surprisingly easy and has such pretty results. In the photo above, I’ve layered it over some Romanian caşcaval and roasted cherry tomatoes. Yummy, but the tomatoes were too sweet, so next time I’ll just use some yummy fresh tomatoes.


Two | I did a major closet cleanout this week because most of my clothes just don’t fit.  That’s a great problem to have…until you’re getting dressed in the morning. I’ve been trying to replenish my basics at the very least, so in the last week I’ve picked up two new black shells, some khakis, and a gorgeous sleeveless blouse. I have a couple of dresses coming in from Old Navy, too, and I’m hoping they work out. I’m still struggling with shopping in the misses department rather than women’s – I feel like that’s something no one ever talks about with regard to challenges when losing weight.


Three | This week I was reading ALA’s 2015 The State of American Libraries report (you know, just in time for the 2016 report to come out…) and I happened across this great quote.  I love the idea that libraries are community anchors because it encapsulates so much of why libraries matter to me.


Four | This morning, Katie shared “Pretty Isn’t Everything,” an article from Refinery29 about great products that don’t have great packaging. I am so guilty of loving fancy packaging. That said, some of my favorite products are included in that list – I’m looking at you Seche Vite Top Coat and Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. Definitely a good reminder to not judge books by their covers.


Five | My new recipe goal didn’t happen this week because we had a bunch of leftovers to work thorough. BUT, tonight, I’m planning to make some yummy Mexican Quinoa Stuffed Peppers à la Garden Grazer (which is a fantastic veggie recipe blog…). Since next week will be pretty busy, I’ll probably make up a full batch of filling and make half the recipe tonight and the other half next week sometime. With a side salad, these will be perfect!


3 thoughts on “The Friday Five

  1. So enjoyed this post! I have never tried to poach eggs (love to eat them). I will check out the video. P.S. the ring is so pretty! When is the wedding?

    • It was surprisingly easy! I’ve made them a few times now, and L and I both enjoy them. Thank you — I love the ring 🙂 We’re aiming for next summer!

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