Weekend Recap

Usually I keep my “everyday life” posts to Fridays, but when you have an amazing weekend, it’s really worth it to share as much as possible!

Hello long weekend! Looking forward to a sunny one ahead! 🌞

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On Friday night, L and I drove to Winchester, Virginia and stayed with my aunt, uncle, and cousins for the night.  It was great to spend time with everyone and to catch up over dinner and a few drinks.


Saturday, we woke up so early and drove to Williamsburg, Virginia where Busch Gardens Williamsburg is located.  L had never been to that park, and I hadn’t been in ten years, so it was more or less new to both of us. We got into the park very early and rode some of the busiest rollercoasters – Griffon and Alpengeist — before the park got crowded.  We kept the phones put away in a bag so they wouldn’t get wet, so I don’t have any pictures, but we had a fantastic time!  (Also, can I just mention how nice it is to ‘unplug’ from time to time? Fabulous! But I digress.)

Mici and french fries! So great to find a Romanian restaurant near Richmond. #romaniandinner #romanianfood #mici

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After leaving the park around 4:00, L drove us to Richmond where we checked into our hotel.  My friend Sara is in school in Richmond, so we made arrangements to have dinner with her.  When I was looking for a restaurant on Trip Advisor, I stumbled across European Taste, an Eastern European restaurant owned by a Romanian couple! Needless to say, that’s the only place we were going to go.  The owners were delighted that we were there, and made everyone feel right at home. I had mici (pictured above) for dinner and they were so tasty…as was everything. Definitely going to give a good Trip Advisor review!

Sunday morning, we woke up, had breakfast, and drove back to Winchester to visit my grandparents.  I don’t get to see them as often as I should, so it was nice to spend a few hours visiting with them.  We had lunch and sat on the back porch under a canopy and talked until it was finally time to begin the drive back to Pennsylvania.

When we finally made it home around 6:00, I could see red tomatoes in our garden all the way from the kitchen window.  We went out and picked lots and lots of tomatoes, plus some raspberries and squash. I’m now on the hunt for new tomato recipes!

Even though it was a lot of driving, I had a wonderful weekend with L, as well as my family and friends. It was exactly what I needed.


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