The Friday Five


Happy Friday, everyone!  We had a pretty busy week around here. On Monday night, L came to my library and helped me with trick-or-treat families. On Wednesday, Leadership Centre County had its History Day luncheon at the library, and this morning, I’m heading to the Sunrise Rotary Club meeting to talk about what we do at the library.  So much going on!  Now, for five things worth sharing.


One | This week, we got to make another appearance as Scooby-Doo and Daphne!  We were joined by Joy from Inside Out and the Cat in the Hat.  I love dressing up for Halloween, and this was one of the best years yet!

L brought me home a copy of the article I'm in from Sunday's paper 😊

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Two | The fundraiser that I coordinated in mid-October made it onto the front page of the Sunday lifestyle section in our local paper!  I was really happy that things that we’re doing are making a bit of a splash in the community. You can read the article here.


Three | This was a week for getting small projects done around the house, including lining our bathroom cabinets with adhesive tile. This is one of my all-time favorite Pinterest tips.  It looks nicer, it’s easy to clean up if something spills, and the wood is protected if there’s a small leak.  L also spent time this week installing new, programmable thermostats. We’re both feeling pretty accomplished!

Bright leaves and dark skies. 🍁🍂 #nofilter #nofilterneeded #fall #autumn #autumnal #storm #leaves

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Four | Can we take a moment to appreciate all the leaves I get to enjoy when I look out our windows?  It stormed the other day, and I loved the contrast of the bright yellow trees against the dark skies.  So pretty.


Five | Over the weekend, I made my Grandma Jane’s Applesauce. It’s as easy as can be, and absolutely delicious. I might even share the recipe on here eventually!


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