Ten Hours in Turkey

 Istanbul, Turkey

September 2015


Length of visit: 10 Hours

After our trip to Romania in September 2015,we were able to participate in  , a free layover service provided for all international transit Turkish Airlines passengers with an at least six-hour layover. We were fortunate to see Istanbul before some of the recent terror attacks took place and greatly enjoyed our time there – we hope that someday, we’ll be able to do so again.

 Can’t Miss Sights, Tours, and Experiences


+ We participated in the Monday 09:00-15:00 tour, which included some amazing stops:

+ The Hippodrome, including the Obelisk of Theodosius, Serpentine Column, and German Fountain

+ The Blue Mosque

+ Topkapi Palace

+ Walking through a market while the call to prayer played throughout the city

Because our layover was on a Monday, Hagia Sophia Museum was closed. This is absolutely on my to-visit list for the future, as is the Yildiz Chalet.


Great Food

+ They feed you both a full breakfast AND a full lunch on this tour. I have no idea what the restaurants were, but the food was delicious, and the service was lovely.


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