The Friday Five


Fridayyyyyy!  We finally made it!  This week has been pretty long what with a Juniors meeting/potluck Monday, all-day tech training on Wednesday, and a million things to do at work in between.  But the good news is that the weekend is calling…and with it, my five!

Photographed by Holly Brown

One | Remember my friend Holly who took our engagement photos? She’s getting ready to officially open shop! Photos by Holly Brown, offering engagement, family, and senior photos.  She’s really rounded out her portfolio, and I’m so pleased for her.  You can find her website here, or check her out on Facebook or Instagram.


Two | Even though I’m really not that into clothes compared to other people, this week, I had a really happy moment when I was able to get my new favorite pants for $9.99 thanks to my Kohl’s cash.  They look a bit stuffy in the picture, but in reality, they’re a soft, stretchy material that works really well in a casual environment.


Three | This week, I made this Caramelized Shallot and Mushroom Quiche for a going-away brunch for my coworker.  I swapped in dill Havarti for the goat cheese and it was great! My pie shell wasn’t quite big enough, though, so I ended up with two little “quichelettes” on the side. The recipe was a hit at the brunch, and I’ll definitely keep it in the rotation.


Four | I started reading Under A Painted Sky by Stacey Heather Lee this week.  The young adult novel will be the 2017 Centre County Reads book, and one of the kickoff events is happening at my facility, so I’m trying to get ahead of things by reading this book. So far, it’s a pretty good piece of writing, and very easy to read.


Five | While I was at all-day tech training on Wednesday, the district put together a gadget show-and-tell at the end that was pretty cool. 3D printing, virtual reality headsets, neat applications for Raspberry Pi, and more.  Though I have no interest in buying one, the idea of Google Cardboard is great for libraries.  It provides super low-tech VR, but it’s inexpensive and sturdy enough for libraries to potentially check out to families.




3 thoughts on “The Friday Five

    • Thanks Heidi! She did a great job. I’m excited for you, too! It’s great to find a person who makes all the happy in your life even better.

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